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IceWarp Founder Mr. Ladislav Goc Responds to Questions About LiveWebAssist ...

What is LiveWebAssist (LiveChat, WebChat, online chat ...) ?

LiveWebAssist (LiveChat) is a tool that allows you to interact with website visitors in real time via chat. You can help visitors find what they are looking for, or solve their problem.

There are a number of chat solutions on the market, how does LiveWebAssist differ from them?

LiveWebAssist is the only solution on the market that is built on the XMPP standard and uses IceWarp Instant Messaging Server as the engine. I know, that it sounds too technical, what it means is that you can provide support for your customers from ANY mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia as well as from any desktop computer running Windows or Linux. There is no need to buy a special “mobile device chat console”, you can use a common Jabber-compatible instant messaging client that is widely available on the market and usually for free.

You have mentioned before that LiveWebAssist is supporting multilingual chat.  Can you explain what that means?

Yes, we are very proud of this functionality. IceWarp is a global company, the ability to provide multilingual instant messaging is critical for us. Each operator can specify the language or languages they can use for conversations, and visitors can select their own language as well.  LiveWebAssist will automatically pair the visitor with the operator who can communicate in the same language.

And what about if there is no operator that can chat with visitors in their language?

Then Automatic Translation will take place! For example, if you as a visitor choose to chat in Spanish and the operator can only chat in English, then Spanish questions from the visitor are automatically translated into English; and the response from the operator will be translated back to Spanish.

What about accuracy of such automated translation?

Questions in chat are usually simple and short, this is why automated translation makes a good fit.  We have implemented Google's new (paid) version of Google Translator as the engine, and we are very satisfied with the speed and quality of this service. Automated translation currently supports dozens of languages!

What would you recommend to business owners that are thinking about including chat support to their website?

Chat support is not just a way to interact with customers; it brings a new management style to your business. LiveWebAssist has a built in archive & simple visitor analytics which delivers important daily visitor statistics, including all chat transcripts and keywords used by visitors to reach your web site. It allows you to react to their needs immediately, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and sales volume.

I can see that LiveWebAssist is quite a sophisticated system. How much does it cost and how complicated is it to implement on a web site?

LiveWebAssist is a Cloud service, which means it is very easy to implement and maintain and NO hardware investment.  All you need to do is create an account and add about 10 lines of code into your web site. It is a simple operation that can be easily done by any web designer or programmer in about 10 minutes; however, we can do it for you remotely too. The payments for the service are based on the number of operators and service plan you choose. You can change your service plan, number of operators, or close your account at any time.  It is absolutely the smallest investment that can bring you the biggest positive impact to your business. please call to out office for more detail ... Tel: +852.23121631